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Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash

There is a significant misfit in the real estate industry. People have various reasons for selling their houses but have no more than three wasy to do so. Depending on the way you categorize options, there could be a fourth: selling to a cash buyer, which offers a number of key advantages.


A cash buyer will work with you differently, depending on the situation you’re in. Did you just get divorced? Trying to survive an underwater mortgage? Whaever your circumstances, cash buyers can adjust. Besides, these aren’t families looking for a house where they could settle. These are investors who are after profit.

Control Over Closing Date

If you sell via an agent, the closing date will often be out of your control, and that is hardly a good position to be in. With a cash home buyer, they can can close on your schedule. Need to close in five days? They can accommodate a timeline as limited as that.

“As Is” Purchase

To make a house salable, at least traditionally, it should be attractive and completely functional – no broken faucets and door knobs, smooth drainage, and so on and so forth. Regardless, cash home buyers will buy your house and make your pocket fatter. Now that’s better than spending on home improvements that others will benefit from.

Zero Costs

A cash buyer will give you all-in offer. That’s the exact amount you receive in your bank account. In some cases, after considering the repair expenses, you will even end up making more than you could through a traditional sale. Indeed, no appraisal, closing and other fees, no commissions paid to the agent, and no contingencies of any kind. The amount you are offered is the actual amount you will receive.

No Strangers in the House

Who wants to receive strangers as visitors? Who likes doing that every week or even everyday? It can take some time to sell a home, and your agent will have to show it to a A good number of people. When it comes to cash house sales, the only stranger you deal with is the investor himself.

No Financing Issues

Weeks or months pass by and finally, one day, you find a buyer. But when it’s almost closing time, they break the news: they failed to find a bank or lender for financing, or they couldn’t find a rate they like. They don’t push through with the sale, and by now, your house has spent a lot of time on the market, which doesn’t speak very well for it. A cash buyer eliminates all such possibilities.

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